Let's connect...

Are you a Social Enterprise, organisation or business with a focus on people's health and wellbeing? We'd love to connect with you!

We're really interested in areas such as:

Every partner will have opportunity to:

Step one is simply to confirm your interest in the phase 2 pilot – there's no commitment, other than to explore and exchange thoughts and ideas with the community and other potential partners.

You can also email us – we'd love to talk things through...

[email protected]

Partnership questions

What's the vision for partnerships?

We'd love to grow a rich network of partner services from within the MakeLifeClick community – to become a true 'social centre-point', committed to making a difference to people's wellbeing, both online and offline. We don't ultimately know what this will look like, but we'd love you to explore being part of it!

What features and functionality will partners have access to?

The majority of partner engagement will be via social groups. Like on other social platforms, you'll have opportunity to create and grow a group, specific to your service or cause. Alongside this, you'll have opportunity to connect with the wider community.

Over time, we'll add more functionality to groups, including a variety of ways to e.g. offer courses and educational material, plus Zoom integration for video meet-ups. More to follow on this!

Will there be a partnership fee?

Like with individual membership, the phase 2 pilot is completely free of charge. Our sole priority is ensuring you're part of it, and that you benefit greatly!

Longer-term, we'd love the opportunity to e.g. provide the community with subsidised access to partner services, so we may explore a small partnership fee.

Whatever happens, we'll discuss things with you, to get your thoughts and feedback on what's best for the community, always aligned with the Benefit Mindset.

How do we find out more?

Please register your interest at the bottom of the homepage, including details of what's sparked your interest (where indicated). We'll then contact you directly to explore things further!

Are you competing with other social platforms?

Good question! No, we're offering an alternative to existing social platforms, with emphasis on being values-led, motivated by 'real life' over 'best life' and an outlook based on the wellbeing of all. Can we make this vision a reality? Get involved to find out!