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Let’s connect

Are you a Social Enterprise, organisation or business with a focus on people’s health and wellbeing? We’d love to connect with you.

We’re currently exploring the potential for partnerships…

We’re really interested in areas such as…

Support services

Health & Wellbeing





Creative arts

Workplace wellbeing

Community-focused technology initiatives

Employment and back to work initiatives

Partnership questions

What’s the vision for partnerships?2021-07-06T12:33:40+01:00

We’d love to grow a rich network of partner services from within the MakeLifeClick community – to become a true ‘social centre-point’, committed to having a positive impact on people’s wellbeing, both online and offline.

We don’t ultimately know what this will look like, but we’d love you to explore being part of it!

How will MakeLifeClick be funded?2022-04-22T09:12:28+01:00

MakeLifeClick is currently made possible through a combination of volunteer time and personal investment.

Within time, our vision is that the community will become self-funding, for which we’re considering a number of potential options, including:

  • Social Enterprise grants
  • Membership models, both individual and partnership. We’ll openly discuss ideas with the community, centred around a Benefit Mindset.
  • Shares offered to the community (co-operative approach)

Longer-term, we’d love the opportunity to e.g. provide the community with subsidised access to partner services.

How will moderation work?2024-02-26T09:07:56+00:00

The specifics of this will be worked out by the central team (“Team MLC”).

Overall, we’ll build the community on a network of trusted connections, so our hope is it will self-moderate to an extent. That said, we know we must have processes in place, and be ready to address issues that come up. Also, to ensure the way we do this role-models MakeLifeClick’s values.

At a functional level, the platform and app will provide ways to report content and also to block people if necessary.

We’re always open to thoughts and suggestions about how to manage moderation in the most thoughtful and effective way.

What about safeguarding?2024-02-26T09:08:55+00:00

MakeLifeClick is currently for over 18s only and based on referrals from existing members of the community. We’ll rely on trust in ensuring this i.e. we won’t be verifying age beyond requesting acceptance of ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ at account creation.

Another important consideration is that the next phase wont be open sign-up. Instead, a personal invitation will be required to join.

As with other aspects of the community, we’ll openly request feedback and ideas for how we guide and steer things ongoing.

How do we find out more?2021-07-06T12:28:02+01:00

We’d love to connect and chat through the platform and how partnerships might work.

Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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