Our vision

"MakeLifeClick is reimagining social media, based on 'real life' not 'best life'.

Our vision is to grow a global, values-led social and business network, to serve and benefit the wellbeing of all.

Established upon a foundation of trust and accountability, we will become a 'social centre-point' – a co-operative connecting a network of people and partners who are committed to having a positive impact on people's wellbeing, both online and offline."


There's a challenge

Life today is split between 'online' and 'offline' – between our virtual and physical existences.

This shapes the way we perceive ourselves and our world, and the ways we interrelate.

Despite the many benefits, social media and social networking bring some fundamental challenges; for example...

  • Projection of 'best life' vs 'real life'
  • Constant comparison with other people
  • Screen/device addiction and the fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Lack of accountability and sense of genuine community
  • Targeted advertising
  • Use of data profiling and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • The list goes on...

"Comparison is the thief of joy" ~ Theodore Roosevelt

There's a growing awareness that spending less time online can increase our personal health and wellbeing – make us more present to our physical surroundings.

We have an opportunity

Now is the perfect time to explore a different way... a values-led approach to social media, based on 'real life' not 'best life'.

To ask questions like...

  • Could social media communities be run as co-operatives, for the wellbeing of all?
  • Could time spent online directly enrich our time spent offline?
  • Could we awaken deeper levels of connection, direction and purpose in our online networks?


Our purpose

To promote and celebrate real life through social media, with human wellbeing as our highest priority.

Our values

MakeLifeClick is built on seven core values...

We're unique

  1. We're values-led
  2. We encourage 'real life' over 'best life'
  3. We're built upon a network of trusted connections and partnerships
  4. We'll always take a people-first approach to the use of data and AI
  5. We're a Social Enterprise, committed to investing back into the community's purpose

What people are saying

"I look forward to going online in a way that I haven't previously. I have loved contributing. I have loved and benefited from the contributions of others."

"It is such an uplifting and encouraging space and it has made me think about all sorts of things more deeply."

"I like the saying "don't be the best, just be better than yesterday" and I think MLC has helped me to do that."

Who's it for?

MakeLifeClick is a place for anyone and everyone wanting to be part of positive change in the world of social media and social networking!

Why belong?

Every person will:

Content & features

Picture showing how the MakeLifeClick community is structured

The community will collaborate in a number of ways. The main areas will include...

Get involved in whatever way works best for you!

Partner network

We'd love to establish and grow a MakeLifeClick partner network! Find out more here...

App launch

Picture of two smartphones showing app login screen

Phase 1 of MakeLifeClick was a big success!

Next step is app launch in June. This will mark the beginning of the phase 2 pilot.

You'll need an invite code to be part of this – just let us know you're interested and we'll be in touch!

Alongside the app, we're recording season 2 of the podcast.

Stay updated!

Submit your info below to confirm interest in having access to the app in June. We'll keep you updated via email.

It goes without saying we'll never share your info and you can always unsubscribe at any time :-)

10 questions

Who started MakeLifeClick?

MakeLifeClick was started by Tim Jameson, with the encouragement of many people! Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

How do I know I can trust MakeLifeClick?

Trust is central to everything MakeLifeClick stands for.

We're backed by Make Life Click CIC (a 'Community Interest Company'). This means we're closely regulated and must produce an annual report describing the ways in which we're living our purpose and benefitting the community. This will be freely available on the public record / internet.

Protection of community data is also a major part of trust. We have a number of systems and best-practices in place to help us manage this, alongside a clear privacy policy.

How is the community managed?

The community is steered by a small collective of people with accountability for ensuring MakeLifeClick remains true to its vision, values and ethos.

Join the community to meet the team!

How do I join the phase 2 pilot?

As with phase 1 of the pilot, a unique invite code will be required to create an account. These will be freely available to anyone who wishes to take part, provided they're over 18 years of age and in agreement with the community's values and terms.

The phase 2 pilot will run from June – August 2021.

Can I invite others to join?

Yes, absolutely! Please talk about MakeLifeClick with your family, friends and colleagues, and post about us on your other social networks, being sure to include the #MakeLifeClick hashtag.

The only proviso is everyone will have to register their interest to be part of the phase 2 pilot. This includes being over 18 years of age, and in agreement with the community's values and terms.

How will people contribute?

There'll be a number of ways to get involved and contribute, for example...

  • Create a personal intro page
  • Connect and enjoy conversation with other like-minded people
  • Post everyday life updates to your 'Lifeline'
  • Get involved in the 'Daily Say' – a daily pause for thought with numerous contributors
  • Join the 'Weekly Reconnect' – a weekly challenge to put your smartphone away and do something offline
  • Get involved in a social group or 2 – these will grow over time
  • Have a listen to the podcast – season 2 coming soon
  • Become a MakeLifeClick partner – more info here

There's no set expectation, other than to have fun, encourage others and enjoy expressing real life together!

What social groups will there be?

Social groups for the phase 2 pilot will be confirmed soon...

Will there be a desktop version?

Yes – a desktop version of the community will be available alongside the app.

Will there be a membership fee?

The phase 2 pilot is completely free of charge. Our sole priority is ensuring you're part of it, and that you benefit greatly!

Longer-term, we can't deny that growing the community will need funding, especially in terms of the underlying technical infrastructure. We'd also love the opportunity to e.g. provide people with subsidised access to wellbeing and other partner services.

We'll discuss this as a community, to get thoughts and feedback on where to go next.

Who did the drawings on this site?

The drawings on this site are by the very talented Jason Ramasami from saamvisual.com.

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We're a Social Enterprise

Make Life Click CIC is a regulated Social Enterprise, dedicated to creating positive social change. We're wholeheartedly committed to our mission, vision and values. Trust is central to everything we stand for. Our priority and passion will always be to make a positive difference to people's wellbeing, both online and offline.

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