Introducing MakeLifeClick

Our vision

"MakeLifeClick is reimagining online community, based on 'real life' not 'best life'.

Our vision is to grow a global, values-led social and business network, to serve and benefit the wellbeing of all.

Established upon a foundation of trust and accountability, we will become a 'social centre-point' – a community connecting a network of people, partners, organisations and businesses who are committed to making a difference to people’s wellbeing, both online and offline."

What people are saying ▼

What people are saying

"I look forward to going online in a way that I haven’t previously. I have loved contributing. I have loved and benefited from the contributions of others."

"It is such an uplifting and encouraging space and it has made me think about all sorts of things more deeply."

"I like the saying "don’t be the best, just be better than yesterday" and I think MLC has helped me to do that."

One thing's for certain ▼

It's better when we're together

Social networks are growing in scale and value, serving to keep us digitally connected. For anything and everything, we reach for our devices.

And yet our wellbeing and mental health remains in decline....

What can we do to better promote the health and wellbeing of people online? How can we ensure quality over quantity of our online networks? What can we do to awaken deeper levels of connection, direction and purpose, amidst challenging times?

What do you hope for? ▼

"What do you hope for in life?"

We recently asked a few people this question...

A values-led community

MakeLifeClick is built on seven core values...

  1. Trust
  2. Humility
  3. Honesty
  4. Kindness
  5. Appreciation
  6. Courage
  7. Curiosity

It's good to belong ▼

It's good to belong

You'll love MakeLifeClick, especially if you're...

  • Seeking depth over quantity in your social networks
  • Wanting to be more 'present' and spend less time online
  • Tired of social media noise
  • Wanting to be part of positive change
  • Unimpressed by labels and status
  • Curious about the deeper questions of life
  • And more...

It will be a place to make your life 'click', whatever this means for you.

Content & features ▼

Content & features

Picture showing how the MakeLifeClick community is structured

The community will collaborate in a number of ways. The main areas will include...

  • Profile timelines
  • Daily and weekly activites
  • Social groups
  • Partner services
  • The MLC Podcast
  • And more...

Just get involved in whatever way works best for you!

Latest thoughts ▼

Latest thoughts

 All articles will open on LinkedIn via new browser tab (or app if installed)

Picture of someone looking up into the cosmos

It's time for an app

By Tim Jameson on 17th Jan, 2021

The preview phase of MakeLifeClick finishes today – it's gone by so quickly! Now it's time for an app...

Picture of a lighthouse

Where next?

By Tim Jameson on 11th Dec, 2020

What does the word ‘community’ mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever considered?

Picture of a smartphone screen

The connection dilemma

By Tim Jameson on 16th Oct, 2020

We're facing a critical challenge in the world of social media and device-dependent living...

App launch ▼

App launch

Picture of two smartphones showing app login screen

Phase one of the MakeLifeClick pilot was a big success!

Next step is app launch on 6th May. This will mark the beginning of the phase 2 pilot.

You'll need an invite code to be part of this – just let us know you're interested and we'll be in touch!

Alongside the app, we're recording season 2 of the podcast.

Stay updated ▼

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Submit your info below to confirm interest in having access to the app on 6th May. We will then keep you updated via email.

It goes without saying we'll never share your info and you can always unsubscribe at any time :-)

A bit more about us

Make Life Click CIC is a social enterprise, dedicated to creating positive social change. We're wholeheartedly committed to our mission, vision and values. Trust is central to everything we stand for. Our priority and passion will always be to make a positive difference to people's wellbeing, both online and offline.

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